Friday, May 26, 2017

Five for Friday #45

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Friday Five #45. As always, Da-da's questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1: Feb 25th, 1942: The Battle of Los Angeles
Here’s a famous pic of something that appeared over Los Angeles in 1942 — and was promptly shot at by the military. Front page news back before the PTW “swamp-gassed" sightings like this away. So, was it a UFO? And if so, whose was it and what was their mission?

What Lynn Saw
"Oh wow!! Feels and looks like who I call the friendly tall whites.  I get they were trying to "disclose themselves" back then, but the hostility drove them away. They wanted to peacefully come here, and when they experienced the resistance, they gave us 'more time.’ "

Image #2: Where CHOMP Meets YIKES
Some have reported seeing a huge shark they call the “Black Demon,” but... it's basically MEGALODON, a massive shark that lived from around 30M years ago to about 2.5M years ago. Scientists say it’s extinct because they’ve not spotted any Megalodons at any cocktail parties where much of today’s serious research is done. So… is Megalodon really still alive? 

What Lynn Saw
"I want to say YES, but it’s not living where people think it is. I keep seeing ice, North Polar regions. the North Pole. It lives in the mid-ocean depths, mid-depth, so it’s not going to be anywhere near the surface or the bottom. It dwells near Greenland and the North Pole. It can’t thrive in warm water. There’s some current near the eastern coast of Greenland where this creature hangs out. When I ask why we haven’t seen this before, I’m told that we’re not allowed to know that!” 

[What does this thing eat, besides submarines and people who write blogs?]“Definitely feels and looks like a meat eater (including its own kind). True survival of the fittest. And they have a very long (like hundreds, maybe 200+ year) life span.” 

Image #3: HAARP Over the Philippines
These "earthquake lights” appeared over the Philippines a day or two before the big quake there. Is this HAARP? I thought it had been neutralized.

What Lynn Saw
“Wow, that is a HAARP rainbow. I’m seeing this grid pattern of chemtrails laid out a day or two before then the HAARP energy was beamed in. Afterward, there was a period of calm before the earthquake.” 

[Who owns this technology? The cabal? And when do you see HAARP being shut down?] 

"Def cabal. It feels like it will be a while (outside of what I can see) before it is shut down... BUT it loses its effectiveness (kind of like turning on a switch to a broken light) within the next few years."

Image #4: The Boy Who Became a Mummy
Is this an ET mummy (found in Peru)? What’s its story?

What Lynn 
"ETs used to be on the earth all the time, in the past. When they came to earth, people often embraced their appearance. They looked forward to it. There was a mutual exchange and everyone was happy. Some of the ETs even fell in love with the humans and this is one of the offspring of such a match. I think this is an adolescent’s skeleton, a boy of about 12. The mom died in childbirth and the tribe felt weird about it, so some negative feelings became associated with the child. The people of the tribe were a little hinky about it, creating a strange energy around this boy and the circumstances. The ETs were 6-7 foot tall and had a glow about them, like a faint light. I feel such a sadness for this boy." 

[How did the boy die?]  

"I hear it was an injury, and because of the unusual blood type, he bled to death (like his blood didn't clot)."

Image #5: What’s Up With the Schumann Resonance?
Here’s a recent readout of earth frequencies (the meter located in Canada), from 0 to 125 Hz. What exactly is this activity showing? (Note that that 60 Hz red line is due to a nearby power line.) There’s all kinds of anomaly strangeness going on in this graphic (like those funny “bubbles" between 16:00 and 18:00), but does anything jump out at you? What’s happening at the 120 Hz level? Tangentially, some people have said recently that the earth’s Schumann Resonance is NOT increasing… but are they wrong? (and just saying that to influence the masses?)

What Lynn Saw
“The Schumann Resonance is absolutely increasing! Not only can it scientifically be proven, but it feels to me that we feel it too when it fluctuates. I get that the blips that have the higher frequency are related to ET activity in that area.  It feels like when ANY of them transmit to earth (even telepathically) it sort of jolts things. I also get it is only when the transmission is started. For example, if they communicate (even mentally) for 10 minutes, the spike happens at the initiation point and not necessarily the whole time. A continuous spike, means there is a lot of signal initiations.” 


BONUS: Angels Don’t Play This HAARP
And speaking of anomalistic flashes of light, what’s causing these odd flashes of light in the upper atmosphere over S. America and S. Africa, recently captured by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) onboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR)?

What Lynn Saw
“It's HAARP. I’m geting that there’s been some odd climate activity here and there, extreme weather tied to these flashes of light. It’s also affecting the food supply and the economy where this is being done. This is precursor for the cabal getting involved in these countries to steal their resources. They cause chaos so they can swoop in and take what they want. Regions of the earth are being HAARPed right now, big time.”

And that’s it. Join us next time for episode #46, where the cabal will be fed to CHOMPY McCHOMPENSTEIN.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

What in the World (or out of this World) was that?

Q. So.. this may be interesting, and a little creepy, lol. I would like some answers though and others may find this fascinating. It may be a little long, but I hope its a good read!

In 2002-2003, my boyfriend (at the time) and I went on an hour long road trip to a rural country school to watch his daughter play basketball. It was nighttime and the roads were long and we drove by many fields, like you would do in the country, but when we went around this one bend I saw this big creature sitting on the right side (facing away from us), but it's body/torso was so big that its head would've reached the top of the car if it stood up, at least it felt that way. What caught my eye was it's hair/fur. It was blonde, or at least light brown... and it was long! The fur made me think of a yeti or a blonde ape. 

Of course, I was taken aback, something told me on the inside that this was unusual. My mind wanted to call it a wolf. It almost felt unworldly.. I didn't think it was a dog based on the size, way it was sitting (the hind legs bent a little differently), and it actually was crouched over like it was eating or doing something, but as soon as our car passed it perked up. I want to say I kinda saw the back of its head, but we drove by so quickly. My boyfriend got this scared look on his face after I asked him if he had seen that, because he had seen it too. After that we saw a shadow following us in the road in the rearview mirror, no matter how fast we went we couldn't shake it. I started setting protection around the car and we tried our best to keep our distance until we got to the school. 

Shortly after that night we were driving his daughter and her brother from the same country setting/location to our home, which is in the city, so they could stay at our place for their visitation. His daughter started screaming and crying, saying she saw something, a wolf, in the fields and it was chasing us. I didn't remember talking to her about that stuff so it really surprised us. We kept the kids calm the best we could and raced to the nearest gas station. After we got home, she was able to tell us her story and it really creeped us out because the "wolf" in her story seemed identical to the one we saw. We all had discussions about it and said we would avoid certain roads and the kids felt better. Over the years it became a distant memory. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago.... the daughter, who is now a grown woman with two children of her own, went to pick up her brother from that country area, their mom lives around there. Thankfully she had brought a friend along, a guy. They picked up the brother and started heading home... at a stop light, they saw it again. The friend says he saw it too, clinging onto a pole by the stoplight and then chased them alongside the car while they were going about 60-90 mph. Needless to say, it brought back old memories for her and they were all freaked out. I don't know if it is another creature that lives in a different layer, like the mothman or the yeti, but the "sightings" seem to happen in that specific area. This is in Missouri btw.
A. When I tune into this, I do feel the darkness in this area.  It looks like at one time, at least a century ago,  this was the location of some dark magic.  There looks to have been sacrifices done in this geographic area.  I see a wooded area with a creek, and at the point where another creek intersects is the more precise location where "offerings" were done.  It has something to do with the north-south flow of water intersecting with the east-west flow. (??)

I get during this time, a portal was opened that allowed beings from other dimensions to come through.  These beings look to be tethered to the portal so they cannot travel too far from the entry/exit point.  I hear the vibration of these beings won't allow them to roam our 3D earth, so they need to stay near the portal.  The closer they are to the portal, the stronger they are.  The don't look yeti's, but more like a "dog man," and of a very low vibration (and very primal in behavior). 

I hear the best defense against a being such as this is to set protection, don't show fear (they feed off it, and it lowers vibrations) and mentally know you are safe.  You can even call (out loud or in your mind) on your guides.  These beings cannot touch you if you set and hold your protection.

And this is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wandjina and the Dreamtime Snake

Q. Hey Lynn, I just found an article about an ancient rock drawing that tells the creation story of the Australians. Here's a picture of it (

The excerpt says "the Wandjina were “sky-beings” or “spirits from the clouds” who came down from the Milky Way during Dreamtime and created the Earth and all its inhabitants. Then Wandjina looked upon the inhabitants and realized the enormity of the task and returned home to bring more Wandjinas. With the aid of the Dreamtime snake, the Wandjina descended and spent their Dreamtime creating, teaching and being Gods to the Aboriginals whom they created. After some time, the Wandjinas disappeared. They descended into the earth and since then, have lived at the bottom of the water source associated with each of the paintings. There, they continually produce new ‘child-seeds’, which are regarded as the source of all human life. Some Wandjina also returned to the sky, and can now be seen at night as lights moving high above the earth." 

Does this resonate with you as truth? And were the "Wandjina" actually Grey ET's and the Dreamtime Snake reptilian ET's? 

A.  I do see some truths to this story that has been passed down from generation to generation.  As I looked at the picture provided with the question, it sort of "came alive" and the picture morphed into real people.  Then, they turned to aborigines with their face and bodies painted.  I realize this grouping of people (the aborigines) are trying to emulate and pay homage to their "god".  But now I need to start from the beginning... 

It looks like at one time earth was an oasis to many beings.  The Wandjina didn't look to create earth, but they knew and visited earth early on. The beauty, and lush lands were an attractive pit stop for many beings, and earth was full of so much potential with it's gentle atmosphere.  Humans had started to inhabit the planet, but were very docile and serving to their humanoid cat and humanoid dog "sky gods" / ETs.  

During one of the pit stops a group of beings (I want to call "whites" and not greys, average height, very pale skin, four fingers and four toes, bright white teeth and I hear vegetarian??) stopped in both Australia and New Zealand.  It looks like there was some kind of plant they liked and used grew there (something special with huge heart-shaped leaves, and something that was an important ingredient for healing / medicine).  

These "whites" came in contact with a group of humans, which were very dark completed and the "whites" were fascinated with they beauty of their darker, more melanined skin.  Over time I see the "whites" becoming very protective of this group, sharing intellect and wisdom they develop this feeling of love, compassion and empathy.  The "whites" see these humans being treated like things, and even though the humans are content, the "whites" know they can offer them a much richer life.  I see the "whites" doing what they can to make the humans self-reliant and able to survive on their own, creating a form of liberation.  

The aborigines, had such a feeling of gratitude they viewed the Wandjina as "gods." They tried to share their story of becoming autonomous the best way they knew how (through artwork).   They also had (and have) frequent ceremonies (I see a full moon) which included intricate face and body painting.  They review and share their history from generation to generation because it is such an important part of how they became who they are.

I see the snake as the interference that occurred as the aborigines started to gain knowledge and independence.  It was like this snake, symbolic of the "Reptilians" tried to steal the knowledge away, or put up a block, but the Wandjina were too strong.

Their Wandjina are still around, guiding and protecting.  I cannot see them in the ocean; however, they can be seeing in the night sky.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, May 19, 2017


Q. Could you look into the importance of sun light? I know it is best to obtain vitamin D from the sun, but with the chem trails and living in a more northern region it is very hard to get vitamin D levels up. I've read where there is only a few months out of the year that we can get it from the sun and even those days there is a short window (solar noon). My gut feeling is that chem trails serve a dual purpose in weather manipulation and blocking us from the sun to keep our immune systems down (another way to keep us docile). Do vitamin D supplements do more harm than good? Should we look into alternative methods like uvb lamps or safe indoor tanning?
A. Many people are vitamin D deficient.  That deficiency does create health problems.  For example, people with (or genetically predispositioned to) autoimmune issue NEED vitamin D to help balance and strengthen the immune system.  I get it also has something to do with the health of the blood too (I don't quite medically understand this though??) I also get that even though you may get sunshine, it doesn't mean you are getting enough or the right quality due to chemtrails and other toxins / pollution in the air.  I hear the phrase that "Even a tan goddess can be deficient because the rays that make you tan may not be what is able to nourish you with vitamin D."

I hear it is more profitable to continue down the current path (using chemtrails for other purposes and fulfill agendas) and put band-aids on the problems that arise, than fix or eliminate the root cause.  For this reason alone, unintended (and intended) health consequences (depression, diseases) keep doctors and big pharma busy.  

I cannot see the environment changing, but I do see we can do things to help mitigate this.  Taking a supplement of vitamin D looks like the best defense.  I get that there are no "safe" indoor sun lamps (they look to do more home than good). I do hear something about making sure you also have proper levels of folate to ensure and aid in absorption.

Q. Also, through channelings, the Pleidians state we obtain information from the sun. If so, what kind of information is this? Is this the information you spoke of when you mentioned our gradual awakening? Is this why the sun is being blocked? Could sunlight accelerate our shift?
Thank you in advance :)
A. We do feed off the sun and it does nourish us as we take it in.  I see the sun promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  I cannot see the sun sending messages, but I do see a connectedness that can be reached by absorbing the sun into your being.  Feels more like an enlightenment rather than information.  It looks like something you feel and understand rather than express in words. That connectedness helps to achieve and maintain a higher vibration and also get in tune with your higher self (I see a monk gazing at the sun from a mountaintop and meditating as I type this) .  The sunlight, pure sunlight (without the chemtrail and pollution filters) can help to accelerate the shift, and help you to reach your spiritual goals because it looks like a gateway to the Source Consciousness. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-