Friday, February 24, 2017

Your Trump Questions.. Group Reading

I know there are a lot of Trump questions out there.  I gathered some of the ones I have been holding and thought I would tackle them to see where it takes us.  Take a deep breath as I know this is a tough topic (however, very concerning and important).  Here we go...

Q. Will Donald Trump be impeached? I have had several newsletters, and I listened to one EX-CIA employee say that he will be if the Democrats can work it out.
A. I get that the Powers That once Were (PTW) want him out of office as soon as possible.  With every day he is in office, they grow more and more furious.  The PTW have agendas in play, and Trump is working against them in many ways.  The more Trump resists, the more dollars (directly and indirectly) they lose.  

The PTW are using the resources they have available to get the impeachment movement going.  There are no real grounds for impeachment, but I hear some kind of "legalese" is always being evaluated to see if he has dotted his "i's" and crossed his "t's".  Trump will be under a microscope like no other, but what the PTW don't realize is that scrutiny actually makes him perform better.   

The PTW are also using human psychology to force an impeachment.  They are controlling the media and social media outlets so they most always talk of Trump negatively, telling half truths or very biased opinions.  They feel if they instigate enough negativity and orchestrate social unrest (some is legit, but much is organized) it will make there "opinion" a fact.  This does hit the radar of the human psyche, however, many people (I hear the term "silent majority") are waking up and seeing though this, like it is part of a bad reality show. I see that even people that may not prefer Trump are seeing or feeling the real truth in terms of the manipulation.  The media feels to be doing a huge disservice to the people.  

I cannot see an impeachment, but it will not be for lack of trying.

Q. Will Trump survive his whole presidency, be "taken out" or pass away from another cause before his term or terms are up?
A. i see Trump making it at least through the first term.  Then I hear a laughter, and a voice saying "He will have to because the PTW won't afford him the luxury of a body double."

Q. How long will protests continue?  Will these people ever really be heard?
A.  I see a wave, and realize that the protests will be intense, die down, and then regain momentum.  The cycle looks to repeat over and over for the next year (ish).  I see some protest as very real and emotionally driven, but most are organized by the PTW to try to grow a movement.  These people are being heard and acknowledged, I just can't see much changing with the government as a result.  It looks like the change that occurs is within society (if you have a different core belief you will get a label, so people that have a strong belief remain silent, and a larger "silent majority" grows.)

Q. Lynn. In many years from now what's going to be Trump's legacy? How will he be remembered as a president?
A.  I hear that "those that write the history books control the way it was remembered."  What is written in the books will be different than what people remember, and books will portray him just as the news media does now.

Due to his courage to speak what he feels, many people will remember him as a man with an ego, but he gets stuff done.  I get that regardless of what side you are on, he is one of the first presidents to aggressively address the issues he promised in his campaign.  I see his dedication to securing the border (positive and negative opinion), his attack on illegal drug smuggling, revamping the way we use health care, and a tax code revision, will live on much longer than his presidency.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Politics can be very emotional, so please take a second to breathe and surround yourself with white light (I am).  Love and light-

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Assistance

Hello everyone!  I am slowly, but surly working away at my book.  I would like to include a chapter that includes either some testimonials or how a reading impacted your life (because my ultimate goal is to help people).  I would exclude or change names / locations for privacy reasons.  If you would like to share, please either leave a comment or send me a private email.  

As a side note, I want let all of you know that I am truly honored to have met and interacted with so many wonderful people.  I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for each and every one of you.   

Much love,

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Schumann Resonance

Q. The current vibration of earth (the Schumann Resonance) is said to be changing.  It was 7.83 Hz, but is speeding up (or at least fluctuating).  What is causing this?

A.  I see the Schumann Resonance as the heartbeat of mother Earth.  I have always seen Earth as a living, breathing (even somewhat self healing) ecosystem.  The atmosphere, land and water all vibrate and work harmoniously, and when they are off, natural (not man made) disasters occur in attempts to reset a balance.   Don't underestimate the power and wonder of our mother Earth.

As we approach a new phase in time (and I hear the phrase "The Age of Aquarius") it is shifting Earth and increasing her vibration.  Not only do humans process and prepare for a dimensional shift, but Earth does too.  She fluctuates because it is necessary to prepare for the ascension of Earth.  Just as our human vibrations adjust, so do hers.  I hear that mother Earth cannot house the existence of the next phase for humans, without first preparing.  She is able to house lower vibrational, 3D humans, but to welcome the newer 4D reality she must prepare.  

Q.  How does this fluctuation effect humans?
A.  This change does have an effect on us.  I get that we are in sync at the 7.83 Hz, but when that vibration increases it effects our internal perception of time.  We sort of mentally disconnect from our linear timeline, and feel like time has sped up.  For example, if the Hz increases for a few days, you may "feel" like you aged mentally and physically, but it is still the same 48 hours.  

I also see a phenomena where when the Hz is increased, time "feels" to be moving faster.  I get a crystal based watch will be off (by even a few minutes) because it is in sync with the Earth, but other types of time systems will remain on the linear timeline.  To illustrate this, I get that you may have a few days go by that you perceive as going incredibly fast physically, emotionally and mentally (due to the increased Earth Hz), however, they are still "technically" 48 hours in length.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Monday, February 20, 2017

Getting Personal

I have never done this type of post before, so when I saw the request I thought it would be fun... 

Q. Can we do a reading one day on questions about you Lynn? :)

With all the readings you do on a daily basis and all the crazy stuff people must tell you, does it all stay in your memory because it seems it would be overwhelming for one person to retain all that.
A. I actually do forget most of what I relay unless it is a topic that I have a personal connection to or one that I revisit often.  

I best describe my memory of these readings like how a TV works.  The information comes to and through me, much like how a TV displays a signal, but when the TV stops receiving the signal, it no longer recalls the information.  I feel the Universe uses me the same way, and I am the vessel (just like the TV).

Many times people will ask me about a reading I did, and I won't remember any of it, or I remember it like a hazy dream.  I have even had times that I will  reread a blog, and still not remember saying or thinking any of it.  

Q. How do you deal with the emotional side of it, When you're dealing with subjects that are very sad , tragic, people that are in really bad emotional states etc.. all dumping their secrets on you? I know I've asked you/told you things that nobody knows about and multiply that by however many readings you do a day. It's a lot.
A. I am an empath, and this was a huge challenge for me because readings would really wear on me.  Early on I had to limit myself to only a few a day.  I did eventually learn how to break away energetically, and for the most part I am able do this really well.  Occasionally, I still have a reading (especially when it is related to a loss or health issue) that really tugs at my hard and I find myself thinking on it for a long time even after the reading.  I have learned that when that happens it is because there is still more of a message that just didn't come through yet.  If I open myself up and reform my thoughts, I can usually get the remaining information and relay it to the person (even if it is a few days later).  I have realized through experience that this OCD or emotional feel is related to something that I need to finish, and then those feelings most always leave.  

Q. If you don't retain all of it are there some things that people ask or tell that have stuck with you forever?
A.  YES.  I have done some very emotional and private readings that have stuck with me.  Even though I have learned how to empathically disconnect, I still have a great deal of compassion for what people endure.  When a reading comes up that deals with something I relate to on a personal level (for one reason or another), they are hard to forget (and I don't necessarily want to because they make me humble, feel gratitude and give me an opportunity to help someone that is in pain).

Q. Did you find it difficult to have friendships or relationships when you can just tap in and just know what the other person is thinking/feeling if they're lying etc?
A.  When I was younger, I didn't really understand what "it" was that I had.  I knew I was different, and always felt awkward, but didn't know why.  I never liked big social scenes, hung with a few close friends and that was it.  

When I was in my teens and dating, that is when it got weird (and understanding people got very intense).  I have a hundred examples, but I will give you just one (to avoid rambling on and on).  My first boyfriend wasn't the most truthful, and I knew it.  I would actually hear this little voice talking to me in my head, and I would try to ignore it.   This "voice" seemed to ALWAYS know where to be at the right time (and it was random) to catch him in a lie.  Needless to say, very short relationship. 

Q. Do you think this gift is passed genetically do you think you passed it to your children? Did it come from your grandparents or parents?
A.  I do think some of this is genetic, and some of it is personal development.  I recently discovered that a cousin of mine has seen and felt spiritual activity, but never tried to hone in her skills. The real challenge is that much of my family doesn't talk about spirituality (there is still so much stereotyping out there)  so I suspect it is much more saturated than what I even know.  

I do think my children have some gifts.  My oldest sees passed on family members in her dreams quite frequently.  She has even had interactive discussions with them.  I also have a son that is very sensitive.  The best thing I can do is help them to embrace this, and not let them be scared.

Q. Can anyone learn to do what you do or do you think there's a certain something you need to be born with or needs to be your calling first?
A.   I was very fortunate that this came easy to me, but I do feel anyone can do it with determination. A mentor once told me that developing your psychic ability was like singing Happy Birthday.  Everyone can sing Happy Birthday, but some people have the natural ability to sing it with such grace it brings tears to your eyes. I would agree, and with enough practice anyone can get there. 

And that is all I have for this post.  Thank you.  Love and light-