Saturday, August 27, 2016

What is Russia Up To?

Q. I read today that mars is conjunct Saturn beginning August 24th.  Mars is the planet of war, Saturn is the planet of hard lessons.  I also have seen that Russia is massing troops along the border with Ukraine and that the German government has (for the first time since the cold war) advised citizens to stock up on food and water in case of emergency or attack.  This is a worrisome combination, in my view.  I cannot help but think of September 1, 1939 when Germany started World War II by attacking Poland.
A. I overall get this feeling of times being very critical.  The US is handling external affairs (I get) in a somewhat delicate way while trying to buy time until they can get Hilary into office.  If the economy were to collapse (stock market) or if a war were to start that the US was pulled into, it would be much harder to make Hilary look favorable. A catastrophe would make the Democrats look bad, and one of Hilary's goals is to eliminate as much guns (and ammo) as possible, which would not go over well in a hostile situation. 

Russia knows the US doesn't want to get involved in a huge confrontation right now, and I get they are using this time frame (up to the election) to their advantage.  It feels like passive aggressive attacks from Russia are occurring now (and we aren't seeing it in the media), and these attacks will escalate.

Germany (because the communication is more open) is aware and alert.  The government is being honest with the people and telling them to prepare for the worst (and hope for the best).  

This big question is what is the higher importance:  The PTW getting Hilary into office to support their agenda, or allowing someone to come into office (maybe not even someone we even know of) that will work for the greater good of the country?  I get the PTW are working overtime to get her in...  The preservation of their agenda is too important.. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thanks you.  Love and light-

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is it Ascension?

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have been having issues lately with just feeling odd...for example my body aches more than usual, my body feels heavy and there are times when I feel off balance (actually lose my balance). I am healthy and have not changed my diet or lifestyle at all. I have been talking to family and it seems the same is happening to them. I came across this website and as I read makes total sense to me... it lists most of the symptoms that I am feeling.

I thought maybe some of your readers are in the same boat as me.

Thank you for all that you do.

A.  As I read the article, the words really resonated with me.  I do see the list of symptoms within the article resulting from the process of ascension.  As our spiritual self begins to increase in vibration, we are held back by our 3D body which can result in sensations we haven't felt before.  Our physical body is slower to respond to the energy and has to "catch up" with the spiritual self, which creates a need for "re-syncing."

In addition to the change in sleep patterns (waking frequently, waking early, etc) I get that it is common to wake at specific times (like 1:11 AM, 2:22 AM, 1:23 AM etc).  The time / number sequence feels like a pattern or of some significance (like a birth date) to you.  This is the Universe telling you that you aren't alone, and you are on the right path.

I also see that during this time people can be very sensitive to crowds.  Not only do they create an anxious feeling (at times), but they can feel very overwhelming because you are picking up on all the energy and vibrations around you (and this can leave you quite exhausted if you don't properly protect yourself).  

I get that the energy shift created with the ascension process can hit you in waves.  You will feel it wash over you (which can create sudden feelings of dizziness or falling) and then dissipate.

A few things can be done to help with these symptoms.  First, try to do what you can to keep your system detoxed.  Do your best to eat clean and drinks lots of filtered water. Another thing to help is to meditate and focus on moving the energy through you body (because when the energy hangs up it intensifies the symptoms).  I have included a link to a free meditation on YouTube and it can really make a difference.


(I did want to mention that I am not a doctor, so if you are experiencing health concerns please listen to your intuition because you may need to seek a health professional.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life Detective #1

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a new segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people in an attempt to humanize and understand what makes them do what they do... and maybe a little glimpse into who'll they'll be next time. (Just so you know, Lynn's going to be a supermodel next life -- again -- and Da-da's going to be a sea sponge. Damn.) 

Note that when Lynn taps in to each person, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of people that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they are today. I'm not going to say who the person is in the article, but I'll put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. Note that the lives listed will be in the order they came to Lynn, not chronologically. 

Here we go.

Subject A
Life 1: I see this person as a woman in the 1800s, wooden cabins, poor insulation, hand-pumped water. Looks like she's a teenager. She has three or four brothers, so she has to do a lot of household chores, while the boys work in the field and on the farm. She secretly resents it. She hates it. She wants to do what her brothers are doing. But back then she was in a role and that was that. Not a happy person. Never a smile. Did everything begrudgingly. No one really talked to each other in the family. They were very stoic, quiet. Conversations were all task-based. As she got older, close to 15-ish, it looks like her mom passed away, so she stayed and took care of the family. Later, when she got married, she moved her family into the same house, where she did the same job. An angry and dysfunctional life.

Life 2: I see this person as a woman, again. She's young. 16-17, really thin. Looks like she's in a wooden cage dragged by horses, taking her to a Roman gladiatorial arena. She looks like a slave who'd escaped but was recaptured. Looks like they traded slaves in the city. She was bought and forced -- again -- to do household stuff. The landowners treated her poorly. She had to sleep with other slaves in a barn, and they kept her alive and fed in exchange for the labor. Again, I see her not having a voice, or any power or control.

Life 3: Now, I see this person yet again as a woman in the early 1900s. I see her as a tall and beautiful brunette in a bright red dress. She's very fashionable, wearing a form-fitting dress. She's very cutting edge in her fashion choices. She wants all attention on her. Her family is very well-to-do. She's a debutante and used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Now I see this handsome Clark Kent-looking guy coming into her life, very handsome, but... she paid someone to poison his drink and kill him. Now she's walking around with this smug, entitled, evil look on her face about it. A personality trait of who she was during that time.

Future Life: This person isn't going to incarnate on earth next time around, but will be elsewhere. I see the next life as being lower-level ET-based. I see a typical gray male ET, starting at a lower vibrational level to work their way up.

Subject B
Life 1: I see this person as a man in Europe this time, when Christianity was really hot and heavy, transitioning from pagan to Christian. I see a big pile of boulders. He's standing on the rocks and he's got all these followers; he's preaching to the crowd about religion, and then he claims that he can heal people. But what he doesn't mention is that he's planted people in the audience to pretend to be healed. [Jeez, this scam goes way back.] Then he passes the hat around. An early church swindler.

Life 2: Next... we're still in Europe. This person is a boy, 7-8 years old. He's with his dad and they tend to the farm and gardens in order to sustain this enormous castle. He's a peasant. This castle has huge walls, but he and his dad work outside the walls. He's got a sickle and is whacking the grass down for the castle livestock. He stops for a second and looks at the castle and wonders what life would be like inside the castle. He has this infatuation with castles and being rich. He had all these pie in the sky dreams of living in the castle; he got that dream in his head and could not let it go. He never made it inside those castle walls in this life.

Life3: Next image, I see one of those felt gambling tables. I see this person as a man again, in New York in the 1900s when jobs were tight. He's got dark hair and is smoking a huge cigar, playing poker at the table. He's the organizer. Factories were nearby. He's a mobster who runs a gambling ring, loansharking, protection, etc. and he had his territory. He looks like a stereotypical, notorious gangster. He took over from his dad's gang.

FutureLife: I hear that, in this person's next life, he's going to be humbled... then I hear this chuckle. He'll be on earth in a 3-D body.
And that's it. Go here for the solution. It's a simple substitution cipher. Enter the key into the KEY box (the below key is the site's default) and the below Subject A/B code into the CIPHERTEXT box. Voila.
key: phqgiumeaylnofdxjkrcvstzwb
Subject A: eannpkwqnafcdf
Subject B: gdfpngckvox

If anyone has any trouble obtaining the names, let Lynn know. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Wolfgang Halbig

Q. Wolfgang Halbig , the man supposedly fighting on the side of the truthers to discover what really happened during the whole Sandyhook fiasco, is he really on the truthers side?
Is he somehow connected to the people acting in the Sandyhook hoax and pretending to investigate them only to lead us down dead ends? Like let us see little truths in order to hide big truths. Either way, who exactly does he work for or what's his agenda?
A.  I do see him as a man that is trying to fight for the real truth.  He had an innocence about him that looks to have evolved.  It was like he was trying to investigate safety and how to prevent something like Sandyhook from happening again, but upon further investigation he stumbled upon some truth that led him down a totally different path. 

Then I hear that you cannot undo a truth once you accept it, and that is what happened to him.  It was his "ah ha" moment, or rather a gateway to other discoveries.  The more he investigated, the more I see he found. And, the more he found, the more publicity he gained.  He started to gain such a voice that I see disinfo agents really had to work hard to try to discredit him and also try to "plant" false leads so some items he uncovered were valid and some were just made to look valid (so they could use this information against him to make him look like he didn't do his due diligence in research).   The dead ends are really a result of intentional false information being planted to throw people off (more disinfo agent work).   People in power do not want this scandal revealed as it would start to probe other concerns (Kennedy, 9/11, Pearl Harbor, etc). 

I cannot see him working for anyone, and his popularity came much to a surprise to the PTW.  His only agenda (that I can connect to) is to reveal the truth so the bigger picture can be seen (and help to diminish some of the fear that is being spread). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-