Friday, March 16, 2018

Hawking and Marrs

The following question was sent to me, and I think it is best if I break it down into parts: 

Q.  Stephen Hawking died recently and Jim Marrs died a few months ago. If you were to channel them, would you be able to ask them if they have learned new secrets about the universe that they did not know when they were alive in this world? 

A. I don't channel, but I can serve as a medium for them.  In tuning in, and asking this question I hear that "everything has a life force tied to it, some is active and some is residual."  When I ask for clarification, I get that living things have a visible active life force.  It surrounds the being much like an aura.  It is like you can see the vibration surrounding it. 

Things that appear to be nonliving still have this phenomena.  It is caused by something living that touched it (residual) or something that was one living passed (like a fossil in a rock) during its' creating.  

They are also telling me that your senses open, and you absorb and experience things fully.  For example, if you see a flower you know what it smells, tastes, looks, feels (to the touch and it's actual feelings) and sounds like by being in it's presence.  

Q. Has Jim Marrs learned who killed JFK and if he had anything else to share with us? 

A. I hear him chuckle as he says "Yes, and now I can finally rest."  He made this assassination an obsession, and even though he would uncover a theory with reasonable doubt, he couldn't find the "smoking gun, literally" (he say followed by a laugh).  He then says something about "I can lay the truth out for the world, but they will like through it like it's invisible."

My impression is that Marrs liked to talk in limericks and puns. ??  He is acting like he wants to joke with me, and starts to sing karaoke, but the words on the screen don't match what he is singing.  He starts with a hum, and sings "Down by the C I walk along, walk along singing my song, and as I walk I start to fly, like A bird that sees all.  As I fly high, above the trees, and my eyes become wide, I stop to rest on a blueberry Bush."  He hums a little more, and then it fades off... 

Q. How did Stephen Hawking feel once he passed into the next world and he was free of his wheelchair and his Lou Gehrig disease? 

A.  He said he felt large.  He has been contained and limited in this body for so long, that once he shed it like a heavy snowsuit, he could stretch out.  He is saying he felt like what fluid looks like, so limber, so free. 

Q. Can you channel and RV someone immediately after they die or do you have to wait several days or months? 

A.  It depends on the person.  Some you can almost immediately, others it takes a little time. 

Q. Do they instantly know everything to be known?

A.  Every being is different.  Most know most everything right away, with some periodic "downloads" as they ascend in spirit.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Developing the Intuitive

(The following article was submitted to me and the person requests to be called "Anonymous." I want to take a moment to thank you, and I appreciate the submission. I think many of you may resonate with this.)

by Anonymous

We all live through many lifetimes, not only from past lives but also within this present lifetime, evolving and transforming from earlier experiences to where we hopefully grow in wisdom. Every phase of our life has unique value and beauty: the innocence and newness of the world we experience as children, the strength and sense of invincibility of youth, the relation shared with a mate and creation of a family, the difficult phases when we must overcome great obstacles or tragedy, and the later phase of life when what we have done is greater than the time left for what we will do.

We are all often fooled and make false assumptions based on the society we were brought up in. Luckily we now live in the time of the Quickening, when many truths unfold and are revealed on a daily basis. Sometimes this overwhelm of new knowledge puts us out of sync with those around us who are more comfortable with old assumptions and world views, and this create a sense of alienation that is something akin to a Cassandra syndrome, where we try to share these truths with others thinking we’re crazy. It is hard for most people to admit they have been living under false assumptions, and we must respect that. Everyone needs to follow their own time frame for awakening and path of development.

The internet has become something like psychic training wheels helping us to connect to others and develop a collective consciousness where we grow spiritually and teach each other. But at the core of every person, almost as part of their DNA, is an internal navigation system guiding their life’s course: intuition. Even from an early age we instinctively know what we’ll be good at in life and even knowing the things we’ll never have interest in or attempt to do in this lifetime. Intuition almost instantly tells us when something rings true or sounds bogus, even when we don’t know all the facts. It allows us to recognize opportunities and dangers if only we listen. How many times after something bad or a missed opportunity happens do we say to ourselves, “If I had only listened to that voice inside my head…”

Just as people go through different stages of life, so does the world. It grows up along with us, and the transformations we are able to witness and experience in a single lifetime are truly remarkable. We are all lucky enough to have lived experiencing a past world that is gone forever while standing on the cusp of a major new era of global conscious wakening which will hopefully shrug off the perverse PTW ruling mindset of human husbandry that treated us like cattle. Many visit Lynn’s blog seeking answers or reassurance, but almost every time someone posts a question to her, you can see or sense the answer within the question itself. It is that sense of intuition we must learn to recognize, cultivate, listen to, and act upon. It’s our own personal road map to navigate our life’s journey through the world we live in.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random (and Interesting) Artifacts

The following questions were sent to me to see what I could pick up on.  I thought it would make a fun session... 

Q. The lurs of the Bronze Age What is a lur? 
"A lur or lur horn is a wind instrument cast in bronze dating to the Late Bronze Age (c. 1000 BC). Most of these lurs have come from Denmark, where a total of 39 have been found. Sweden, Norway and northern Germany too have produced examples. The curving shape of the tubes recalls ox horns, on which the lurs may have been modeled. In Denmark the lurs are usually found in pairs and always in bog deposits. The name ‘lur’ is of recent date. It was used by archaeologists at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Originally it comes from the Icelandic sagas, which say that ‘the warriors were summoned to battle with the lur’. The design and size of the lurs vary. Thanks to this variation we can trace the development of the lur over time."
A.  When I tune into this, I not only see it as an instrument, but I see it as a weapon too.  It looks as though when they would be going to battle they would blow through the horn (for intimidation and also to organize their army).  Certain tones or patterns (I hear it like Morse code) would signify certain battle messages and signify battle strategies.  

As I focus on this, I hear "where is the leather strap?"  It appears there was a strap near the round end and they would use it like a hook from above.  They would use it in their non dominant hand to "yank" hand shields down (they carried their sword in their dominant hand).  I see that some people were "assigned" to carry shields, but the "front line's" role was to make the enemy as vulnerable as possible and would either be brave and forge on, or team up with a shielded man.  

Q.  Jelling Stones. 
"The Jelling stones (Danish: Jellingstenene) are massive carved runestones from the 10th century, found at the town of Jelling in Denmark. The older of the two Jelling stones was raised by King Gorm the Old in memory of his wife Thyra. The larger of the two stones was raised by King Gorm's son, Harald Bluetooth, in memory of his parents, celebrating his conquest of Denmark and Norway, and his conversion of the Danes to Christianity. The runic inscriptions on these stones are considered the best known in Denmark."
A. I get that these stones were truly a tribute to pay homage to their lives and experiences.  This was a way to leave their mark and tell their stories forever.  I do get there is some secret within these stones (in the symbols or markings?).  The stories that remained on the runestones were not only focused on their conquests, but their shift in belief systems too.  My impression (even though hazy) is their family had an interaction with an ET (that felt like a prophetic angel) and through that interaction their paradigm shifted.  (Then the image started to fade out as if I'm not to know what was said.. like a secret???)

Q.  Golden Horns of Gallehus. 
The Golden Horns of Gallehus were two horns made of sheet gold, discovered in Gallehus, north of Møgeltønder in Southern Jutland, Denmark. The horns dated to the early 5th century.
A.  When I tune into this, I see them filled with a power substance.  It looks like this powder serves as some kind of medicinal use.  They filled the horns, and then plugged the end with some kind of cork(?) for travel.  I get these were used by tradesmen and they traveled through various countrysides.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Guest Submissions

Hi everyone!  I love the community we've formed and realize the sharing of information and ideas helps us all to learn and grow.  I'm occasionally contacted by people that would like to submit an entry for the blog that would educate and benefit others.  On and average week I typically post a new blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday .  If anyone has something beneficial to share, I'm open to posting a short article on something you've authored on my off days.  I will need to approve the submission to make sure it is a good fit, so please send me an email to share your thoughts beforehand. The following ideas aren't meant to limit you, but to give you an idea of my thoughts:
  • Have a great healthy recipe or something for people with diet restrictions?
  • Write meditation music? Want to tell your story and share a sample?
  • Study a healing modality and want to explain it to others?
  • Familiar with herbs, oils, etc..?
  • Have an inspirational story? (Manifestation, healing, etc)
  • Belong to an organization dedicated to helping others?
  • Study etymology? Symbology? Want to share a lesson or overview?
  • Understand astrology and want to explain a chart or events?
I look forward to hearing from you!  Love and light- Lynn