Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Access Consciousness Bars

Q. Hi Lynn, Thank you for all of your blog readings, I love them all and look forward to them!

Wondering if you could see if you think Access Consciousness Bars are a scam or real? So many for and against (some even say cult) but I just did a course and it had some energetic feel to it. 



A.  As I tune into these Bars, I see them as a very real and powerful thing.  

I get an image of an ancient time (at least a few hundred years ago).  There is a huge line of people waiting outside of a oriental woman's hut.  It looks as though people travel from all over to get help and be healed by this woman.  She looks to talk with her client for a few moments before she begins her session (to make a spiritual connection), and then begins to work on their Consciousness Bars.  

I hear something about this being an ancient healing practice that was discovered and used in the Orient.   It was first used on people with mental health challenges (to purge and process past traumas and karma), and then later evolved into a physical and spiritual therapy as well.

It is also coming to me that depending on the person, and what they are dealing with or wanting to purge, you may not want to do all 32 bars or areas at once (it is too much for the system to process).  It is better to pick a few areas to give a more intense focus, and then quickly go over the other areas and build up to a full system purge.  After a session you may go through intense emotions (cry, be angry, recall memories, etc) and that is a GOOD thing.  That means you are processing ideas, subconscious thoughts, past life traumas, feelings, etc that have been suppressed, and from there purging and healing begin to occur.

Overall, these Access Consciousness Bars feel like a good and positive thing.  Be cautious of costly courses (I hear there is lots of free stuff online to get your started).  If you do chose to connect with a teacher / mentor, trading a fair wage for knowledge and support is very reasonable (but be careful of those that want to charge a large sum).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Friday, January 13, 2017

Five for Friday #41

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our first Friday Five installment for 2017… on Friday the 13th, no less. Buckle up, this one’s eye-opening. As always, Da-da's questions and comments [are in brackets].

Image #1: Backstage at The Big Show, Part 1
Q: WHAT is this object, called 1991 VG, first spotted by a U. of AZ astronomer back in 1991? Apparently,  there were two other mysterious objects coming to earth around the same time. Anything interesting there?

What Lynn Saw
A: "I think it’s some kind of spacecraft. Don’t panic, but I see something like George Lucas’ Death Star, with this planetary army heading here. It looks like these ships came here through a portal near Neptune. When I look on board, I see all these pods, like they’re in some sort of hibernation. I have never seen that ever. It’s almost like the ship is smart and it knows what it needs to do w/o a crew. Feels tied to Disclosure. There’s nothing fearful at all. Looks like they’re coming near, but not TO earth." [Pods?? Yikes. Can you see what's IN the pods? These are *positive* beings, right? What star system did they come from? This ship exited that portal sometime back in the early ‘90s, I think. Why have they been waiting so long to do something?] "Pods, yes. I can't see in the pod. I only see the outside shell. They do feel positive, like they are here to rescue us or something. I don't know the name of the system, but the point of entry was somewhere near Neptune. They are waiting on what I hear as "timing." In part due to an energetic shift (the Event), the next dimension has to be ready to receive this much energy (it is a balance there as well), and party a Disclosure thing.” [No wonder spirit guides were calling this point in history, ‘The Big Show.’]

Image #2: Backstage at The Big Show, Part 2
Q: Speaking of that, here's a 2-D magnetograph of the earth from last October, where you can see the earth’s bowshock (where the sun’s energy meets the earth’s magnetic field) and the earth. So, are those two (huge!) round circles behind the earth Sphere Being ships??

What Lynn Saw
A: "Those are Sphere Being Ships." [Are these the same ships as the 1191 VG ship, above? Can you tell which Sphere Beings are in each ship?] "I do feel it has to do with the 1191 ship. I can't see what is in them, but it does feel like a good thing!" [Wow!]

Image #3: Escape From Alcatraz
Q: Speaking of mundane mysteries… did any of these guys really escape from Alcatraz? [From left to right we have Frank Morris, and the Anglin brothers, Clarence and John.]

What Lynn Saw
A: “(Some 13 years ago, I went to Alcatraz. It’s a VERY energetically overwhelming and creepy place. I couldn’t walk into some of the spaces as it was just too much.) I get the guy in the middle really DID escape. He had some help from the outside. He was in the water for a short time, and was rescued by a rickety little boat. He made it." [Who helped the middle guy? One of the guards? And where did he wind up? What happened to the other two guys? Did they drown?] "The other two died in the process. A guard who was threatened by an outside group helped him. He got to the coast, and then ultimately fled to Mexico where he’s stayed ever since.” [So Clarence Anglin was the only man to  escape from Alcatraz.] 

Image #4: Ok, What ISN’T Buried in Antarctica?
Q: You’ve touched on this recently, but I wanted to drill down a bit. Here’s a structure on Antarctica seen via (increasingly dubious) Google Earth. Is this anything? And are there actually ruins there that are really 1.6 billion years old? And giant stasis pods with 30-foot-tall ETs waking up? Do you ever see this being a big Disclosure thing (and if so, will it be before or after “The Event”)?

What Lynn Saw
A: "I want to say yes to the 1.6 billion-year-old ruins. Some ancient ancient ruins and clues to earth and who we really are are buried there. There’s something really mystical there. I see these ancient intricate pyramids, which were created long before Egypt was ever Egypt. I DO see some pods and frozen ETs there, but i don’t see them waking up -- or 30 feet tall. They could never have survived this frozen state so long. I get a lot of this stuff is gonna come out AFTER The Event, but no one’s going to really tell you. You’re just going to get this telepathic download of all this information and just KNOW the truth, but you’re not going to know why; it’ll be like a part of your subconscious, your wiring. Disclosure will be more subtle and pervasive than people realize. Parts of our DNA are just gonna turn on and people will just KNOW things.” [So, is that thing in the picture anything, or just some ice?] "I get it is a partially underground pyramid.” [Tangentially, when you see 'The Event,' do you see part of it involving a rush of energy that brings people INTO SOURCE for a moment, with people perhaps passing out for a brief period?] "I see that happening to some, while others just get a dazed feeling that sort of stuns them for a moment (like you short circuited and then came back)."

Image #5: The Caldwell Mystery Thread
Q: What was the “Caldwell Mystery Thread”? Alas, there’s no pic of it, anywhere.

What Lynn Saw
A: "Wow, I’d never heard of this. What I get was that, in that area there were some UFO sightings... I see UFO activity, 3-4 ships flying around, then they left. Then the thread showed up a day later. I get that the way that the ships went through the atmosphere caused these threads, caused by the ships (older tech UFOs) creating this chemical reaction in the atmosphere. The result was this hanging thread that naturally broke down and then vanished. Weird."

And that’s it. Jeez, that’s enough. Join us sometime in the near future for the answer to life, the universe, and everything in... Episode #42!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hypnopompic Hallucinations and Twilight Sleep

Q. Many people, or even most people, who experience hypnopompic hallucinations (hallucinating right before falling asleep) see spiders and shadow figures. Why are spiders and and shadow figures so prevalent in hypnopompic hallucinations and the spiders and figures actually entities as opposed to just hallucinations? Thank you 
A. Our reality is composed of several layers, and some of those layers are not able to be seen due to our physical 3D constraints.  That doesn't mean that those layers are not there, or that those layers don't impact or influence us, they just aren't readily visible. I get that in the process of going to sleep our mind is relaxing, and our rational mind is starting to quiet down.  This allows an opportunity for some of the other layers to be seen.  The other layers contain lower vibrational entities (that take the appearance of spiders, etc), and higher vibrational entities such as angels and peaceful beings. 

At the sleepy, semi conscious and more active subconscious state of being, it can be easier to pick up on the lower vibrational beings, making them visible (and even memorable).  The higher vibrational beings are there to protect, and balance out the energy, but may not be as memorable.  We tend to focus on the negative part of an event or memory (as part of our flight or fight defense).  

I do see these spiders and shadows as lower vibrational beings (that manifest into this shape).  I also get that if you do have this experience, tell it to leave just as you would any other being.  You can do this mentally or out loud.  You can also call on your guide to escort it out of your space and direct it to where it is better served.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

George Lucas / Star Wars

Q. With Carrie Fisher's death (I loved Princess Leia btw) I figured I would post a Star Wars related question.... 

It was mentioned a while ago that George Lucas was "in the know" or given partial disclosure and that's how he was able to develop the Star Wars Trilogy. How was the information given to him? Indirectly or directly? Did the PTW encourage Lucas's production, or was it the good ETs wanting disclosure? Did he share the source of his inspirations with any of the actors/actresses like Carrie? 

Thank you for all of your wonderful readings!!!

A. I get that George Lucas was in the know.  I see that information came to him in a variety of ways.  At first it started subtly, and then it was in his face until he was able to finish his work.  It looks like he always had a very creative and artistic mind.  When the concept of Star Wars came about he was interested in sci-fi, wanted something new, but also was searching to find some truth of his own.  I see an image of him brainstorming and jotting things down, and he would go through spurts where he would write and sketch ideas, and then have slow spells trying to connect things together (or make it feel fluid in his mind).  During the slow spells things would come to him (either in dreams, conversations, and even objects / artwork, he would come across) to keep him inspired and moving forward.  

George Lucas looks to have two main guides that sort of directed him to find information, and they also connected to him through his subconscious (providing dreams, inspiration, concepts).  One guide looks to be a Native American, late 50s, male, and a chief of some sort with a HUGE headdress.  Other other is an ET, looks like a Grey, but is all white and emits white light from all directions.

The PTW (Powers That once Were) did know what he was doing, and monitored him closely.  He was allowed to proceed in the name of his work being "sci fi" even though it touched onto the truth in a very real way.  I also see that an "ah ha" moment went off for a lot of people wondering how this story line parallels to our reality.  It also looks like as the collective consciousness rises, and more people open up, the PTW started to get concerned, and that was why Disney was encouraged to get involved (since they are controlled by the PTW as well).  

He did confide in some of the cast of Star Wars.  He wasn't sure what he knew or even exactly how he knew things, but it all made sense once he started to put his ideas and concepts together.  He used symbolism to illustrate concepts, and help people to understand.  He respected his actors / actresses, and would bounce ideas off them in order to get the best effect.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-